Steamboat Gallery

The Zandee Gallery in Steamboat Springs is located in downtown steamboat on Lincoln and 7th near North Face, Mary Jane’s and Steamboat Apparel. It is a gorgeous 2200 square foot space that also can host events. Tim Zandee’s fine art photography, bronze, glass, oil and furniture adorn the gallery. 

Steamboat gallery exterior
Steamboat interior

703 Lincoln Ave unit B104
Steamboat Springs, CO 804787

Summer Hours
Mon — By appointment
Tue-Thurs: 10am — 6pm
Fri-Sat: 10am — 8pm
Sun: 10am — 3pm


Steamboat gallery interior photo 3
Steamboat gallery interior photo 4
Steamboat gallery interior photo

Guests artists:

Doug Wodark – 

Jesse Horton – 
Aaron Barkley – 
Devin Rowe – 
Gedion Nyanhongo – 
Jared and Nicole Davis – 
Emma Rose Hardwoods –