8 foot curved piece on wall

We are here to find the perfect style for your home or office.

Finishes are a personal preference but we recommend using a frame on a brick or rock wall to help separate the art from the background. Custom finishes are also available such as curved panoramic photos.

Gap frame

Gap Frame

A satin photo or glossy metal is suspended over a black background and then the black board is framed creating a gap between the piece of art and the frame.

Non glare

This finish is best when there is a window directly across from the piece of art. This frameless image appears to float off the wall and has a satin or semi-matte finish. It has virtually no glare but still has a vibrant sheen that is similar to a painting.

Direct frame

Direct Frame

A direct frame is when the photo is directly touching the frame with no other matting or liners. Both the non-glare satin and glossy metal can be framed. Winter scenes often require a frame if intended for a white wall.

Metal glossy

Metal Glossy

This finish is super luminous and sharp but does have glare which bothers some people more than others. It has an amazing “pop” and looks stunning with bright colors or water reflections.

Watch the video below to see all our frames and finishes.